HeartFelt by Sandi

Testing the Blog

Welcome to my blog…

Hello Stampers!

I am so excited that I have started a blog after much research and trial and error.  Finally with the help of a dear friend we are ready to publish this blog to see how it works.  If you are interested in subscribing just press the button to the right.   I am eager to share some skills and  ideas with you that I have learned along the way so you can have as much fun as I do making cards and other paper crafts.  On the other side of this fun is the joy that it gives to the person who receives your work of art.  It’s a double blessing!

Until I get proficient at this blog, I encourage you to continue to follow @HeartFelt Cards on my Facebook page  and have a little patience as we iron out the kinks.  I promise it will be something you can come to for inspiration, new ideas, skills and crafting recipes.  Please communicate and let me know what you think, what you want to learn and what stamp sets you want me to feature.

I appreciate your support, kindness and stamping with you at the monthly buffet class in Downsville at the Knapp, Stout & Company Coffee House.

May your day be blessed with lots of love and inky fingers!