STAMPIN’MIST TECHNIQUE Make your own stampin’ mist.

Good Monday morning Stampers,

Where did the weekend go???  And what happened to the Packers???  Keep Rogers in your prayers for complete recovery of his collar bone!

I’ve been cleaning stamps from our last buffet and am always looking for ways to do things inexpensively.  Just had to share this fun technique with you and the recipe for homemade stampin’ mist. Let me know how it works for you and be sure to share your beautiful card.

Stampin Mist Technique – by Debra Currier. Take a sponge and ink and just rub it on your paper. After filling the paper with ink, take your stamp of choice and mist it with Stampin’ Mist cleaner. Yes, it sound weird but that is what you do. Then stamp it on your paper! It is almost like a bleaching technique.I did mist my stamp every time but you might be able to get several “inkings” from just one mist.  Cool, huh! Give it a try.sponging technique

Stampin Mist Cleaner is available on my website – Price $4.50   BUT WAIT!!!  You can make your own for a fraction of the cost.  Here’s how:

4 Litre Jug or 16 cups.

Costs~ $15.00 for 16 cups = 66 bottles of Stampin’ Mist
1 4 litre jug of distilled water $3.00
2 100 ml bottles of Glycerin $10.00 (bonus… 40 ml left over)
16 teaspoons of rose water (optional) pennies
16 teaspoons of babywash under $1.00

You can find glycerin at the pharmacy, Michaels and Joannes.    Here is a link for information on rosewater  – better yet, make your own.  You may find it in the ethnic section as it is used in some dessert recipes.

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Thanks for stopping by and have a super day.  Enjoy your week!!

HaPpy Stampin’


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