COLOR REVAMP explained


The Stampin’ Up! Retiring lists have been released! These products will be available from April 9 – May 31, 2018 or while supplies last.  Due to high demand for retiring stamps, Stampin’Up! will keep producing retiring stamps until May 25.  Retiring Accessories are “while supplies last”

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So I’ve been reading blog after blog from demos who attended ON STAGE last weekend and  wanted to share some things you may want to know.  This information came out of a leadership meeting prior to the event.  I hope it gives you some insight as it did me.

Stampin’ Up! has not done a color revamp since 2013 and then they only changed a few colors. At OnStage they annoounced a big color revamp AND a new ink pad case reveal! They did a ton of research like checking on new trends, figuring out which colors didn’t sell well, and more.
The result? 53 colors in our line now!  Woo Hoo!color-collections-1024x613


  • The last color revamp was in 2010 (eight years ago) when SU changed many colors in our offering.
  • The last color refresh was in 2013 (five years ago) when SU changed just a few core colors

    Here are the new colors added to the core colors:


    Here are the In-Colors:



    • They looked at sales and eliminated low sellers to make room for something new.
    • They conducted color trend research and identified gaps in the current color offering.
    • They explored different ways to group colors into collections; SU wanted each collection to have a color spectrum element and include colors that worked best together. This meant that they had to change existing collections.


    • The case’s manufacturing mold was about to expire. A mold can only be used a limited number of times before it must be replaced, so SU had to decide if they wanted to order more of the same molds or try to improve the design.  They chose to improve it!
    • They also wanted to align the updated case with the color revamp and improvements to the ink. In addition, they chose to time these changes with Stampin’ Up!’s rebranding and packaging updates. This way, you only need to invest in the new colors and ink pads at one time. (For example, if they revamped the colors last year and then changed the cases and improved the ink this year, you’d likely be purchasing twice to stay current.) They wanted to make these updates and changes in the most cost efficient way for you.

    Here is some additional info they shared with those who attended the Leaders event just before OnStage. I think it will answer some questions you might already have:


    • Opening the new ink pad case is now more simple and intuitive—just insert your thumb in the “lip” at the front of the case and lift it to open.
    • Have a tighter fit between the lid and the base.
    • With the new design, the lid doesn’t accidentally become disconnected which was a common problem with the old case style. With use, the lid will be easier to slide open and close.
    • Be stackable – The ability to stack the cases makes them easier to store and transport. We designed a nub in each bottom corner that fits nicely into the “dimple” on the top of another case.
    • Include improved labels and stickers.

    Since we were improving the case we decided to make improvements to the ink as well!  We added defoamer to the ink ingredients because we noticed that our old ink would sometimes bubble (especially on new pads and with lighter colors). This will:

    • Reduce ink bubbles
    • Help you get an even coating of ink on the stamp
    • Help the stamped image have a smoother, solid lookYou may notice some


I hope that helps and answers your questions.  Don’t you just love those colors!!!

Thanks for stopping by today! Leave me a comment and let me know which new/returning color is your favorite? Have a wonderful & blessed day and think SPRING!

                      – Helen Keller

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