TRIMMER BLADE FRENZY TODAY – August 27th: The final shipment of Stampin’ Trimmer Cutting Blades (item 126995) will be available TODAY, August 27, at 10:00 am (MT), and based on the past shipments these are expected to sell out in MINUTES! HERE ARE SOME ORDERING TIPS:   When they sell out they will be gone for good.
1) You will need to place your order in my online store here
2) Set a reminder for the time, a few minutes before so you are ready
3) If you plan to order other products along with the blades, add them to your card BEFORE 10am MT (11 AM CT) and have the order all ready to close the second you add the blades to your cart.
4) Once the blades have sold out, they will be removed from your cart so don’t leave them there thinking you have reserved yours without closing the order.
5) The button to order will not show up in my online store until 10am MT. If it hits 10am and you still don’t see it, 1) hit refresh 2) clear your browser history 3) try another browser. If it’s after 10:15 there’s a good chance they are gone.
Last days of August… almost September and that means that there are just a few days left for to redeem your Bonus Days Coupons from August. If you can’t find them    you can call Stampin up and they will be glad to give them to you.
Here are some cards we did at the last buffet:




Be sure to register for the next buffet on September 10th….there will be more Christmas selections and some fall themed cards.

Thanks for stopping by today…hurry – get your order ready to go…it’s almost 11 o’clock!!!  Give it your best try!



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