Hey Stampers!

Introducing the WORLD CARD MAKERS:  

Last week I posted a request to celebrate World Card Making Day and asked you to bring your cards to the October 8th buffet.  Here are a few pictures of the cards that were shared.  Unfortunately, the phone “our photographer” was using did not cooperate and many of the pictures were not available.  Here is what we have! Sending out a BIG thank you to the following stampers who contributed their creations:

THANK YOU:  Rosie Giertz, Diane Bauer, Judy Kirk 

Some of our stampers were too sick to come but had cards to share so we thank you for your willing heart.

But wait!  There is a part 2 in which everyone can participate.  

Participate in Stampin’ Up’s WORLD CARD SENDING WEEK – GOAL send 50,000 cards

Now comes the Stampin’Up challenge: send as many cards as you can this week between October 6 to October 12th and report back to me no later than Sunday October 13th.  Just send me an e-mail or comment here with how many cards you mailed this week.  Then I will will report our totals to SU.

YOU can participate in this one…we all know someone who can use a “lift me up!” this week…send them one of your handmade cards.       How many can you send out by October 12?

Looking forward to hearing from you with how many cards you sent and then getting those figures to Stampin’Up from all of us at HeartFelt Designs!

Thanks for participating…can’t wait to hear from you! –  the best gifts come from the heart, and the hands and vision of the people we love –





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