Hello Stampers,

It seems strange not to be setting up for the April Buffet. In fact, everything seems strange including this massive snow storm on Easter Sunday that continued into the night with ice and snow covered streets!  We were so blessed by the Easter week services on line that kept us connected during this special double Passover/Easter time.

FLOWERING FOILS  from the Heartfelt Designer Team

I am so glad we decided to do a challenge for the month. Look at these beautiful entries that warmed my heart. Each participant was given a piece of Flowering Foils DSP that was a FREE SAB item and a piece of white cardstock.  There were no directions except to use the DSP to design their own cards. Here they are in numerical order and YOUR job is to respond with your first, second and third choice.  The winners will receive a gift from me.

#7 Birthday on copper foil


#6 Birthday on Copper flitter paper
#5 Glitz


#4 Sympathy
#2 Thank you
#1 Many thanks:  French,  English, German

BE SURE TO COMMENT ON YOUR 1ST 2ND AND 3RD CHOICE BEFORE APRIL 17th! – it would be helpful for the designers to know what you liked about their creations.  Stay tuned for the next challenge.


New items have been added to the Clearance Rack in the online store! Supplies are limited, and with discounts up to 60%, products will go quickly. Lots of my favorites are listed there. Please use host code  2TK6CB73  when ordering. Here is a link https://www.stampinup.com/ecweb/products/100100/clearance-rack?utm_source=olo&utm_medium=o2-ad&utm_campaign=homepage-refresh&utm_content=clearance


Because of the social restrictions I am having your catalogs mailed directly to you.  Be sure you have placed an order with me  since JULY 2019 – APRIL 15TH  2020 and I will put you on the mailing list to receive one in the mail ( playing it safe in case the social distancing rules continue for a while) .  Please comment below OR SEND ME AN EMAIL  if you are eligible and want a catalog.  If you have already requested one,  I have your name on the list….not sure?  then request it again.   If you haven’t placed an order you may do so this week and/or send $5 by the 18th and I will put you on the list to receive one.  The $5 will be refundable on your first order following this deadline.

Interested in Card Kits?

I had planned to have a kit for the Ornate Garden suite at the April Buffet…sorry no buffet today :{….then the idea came to me that you might like to work on a kit at home. So I’m turning these into kits to mail out to you.  …watch the next blog for details on how to get more.   I know some of you don’t have all the supplies you need at home to make cards…just let me know if you want a few kits mailed to you or some sentiments stamped, etc.

As I posted on our last blog, know that Gary and I miss you and continue to pray for you to live in Divine Health.  We encourage you to stay positive and uplifted during this unpredictable time.  “Stay off the news – its filled with the spirit of death…move to the light and the spirit of life…. jump into your crafts…make something delicious to eat and praise God for taking care of us.  After all,  He takes care of the birds…why not you???  Send a card to encourage someone today!”

Thanks for stopping by today.  May your day be filled with sunshine and peace.

Miss you all….


PS:  I hope to hear from you and can’t wait to see which cards you select.  Remember that when you comment it really counts and I am appreciative.


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14 thoughts on “FLOWERING FOILS DSP CHALLENGE; CLEARANCE AND a 2021-2022 catalog

    1. Hi Judy…missing you too! You are on the list for a catalog … remember to vote on the cards posted…see you in May I hope! Stay in Divine Health.


  1. I love all the cards! In order 7,6,2………….please send me a catalog when the time comes! Thanks for your uplifting message. You are a gift!


    1. Thanks Diane for your participation and your vote! I am excited to gift the winners. We havre to stay uplifted and pick each other up during these times…it’s about loving one another…His gift to us! You are a blessing to me and I so miss everyone today especially! Hope to see you all in May! Stay in Divine Health!


  2. Hi Sandi…Thank You for all your words of encouragement. I sure am missing all my stamping friends today! I pray everyday that this will be lifted off our shoulders. I chose first card 7….second card 3…and third card 1. All the cards are beautiful!! I would like a catalog also.


    1. Thanks Sue for your votes and sweet words…we are all missing each other for sure but soon things will change! Glad you like the cards and hope youbjoion us for the next one. It was fun seeing what variety can be done with 1 small piece of cardstock. You are on the list for a catalog and I look forward to seeing you in May! God bless and stay in good health!


  3. In order: 6,5 & 3. I really like the copper colors. Everyone did a wonderful job and what a mixture of talent out there. Great job everyone! I miss getting together for the card making and the laughter. Wishing everyone to stay safe and stay well!


    1. Thanks Dawn for your vote and compliments to our designers. Missed everyone tonight…seems odd to not be with all of you this 2nd Tuesday…Hopefully, we will reunite in May!


  4. Hi Sandi my votes are 4,3 2. I really like the color mixed with the foil. Hope this finds you and Gary well. Hope to see you soon.


    1. Thanks Barb for voting and responding. Beautiful cards aren’t they! Hope all is well inyour house also. Homeschooling is interesting and fun especially that we get to have Meera every day…and now through May! Better safe than sorry. Watch for the kit for the ornate card – FINALLY! Find something fun to to this weekend. Stay healthy!!!


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