Meet the HEARTFELT Designers -Flowering Foils DSP Challenge


The votes are finally in and here are the top three designers with their beautiful cards.  Thank you everyone for participating.  the last vote came in today and broke the tie!  Watch for your prizes in the mail! PLEASE leave a comment for the Designers.

#1 WINNER  Rosie Giertz


#2 WINNER    Diana Bauer


#3 WINNER  Dawn Baier


So pleased with your creative work…too bad we couldn’t meet last week to see all the beautiful cards ….pictures never show all the beauty.  Again my thanks to all who participated.


Because of the social restrictions I am having your catalogs mailed directly to you.  Be sure you have placed an order with me  since JULY 2019 – APRIL 15TH  2020 and I will put you on the mailing list to receive one in the mail ( playing it safe in case the social distancing rules continue for a while) .  Please comment below OR SEND ME AN EMAIL  if you are eligible and want a catalog.  If you have already requested one,  I have your name on the list….not sure?  then request it again.   If you haven’t placed an order you may do so this week and/or send $5 by the 18th and I will put you on the list to receive one.  The $5 will be refundable on your first order following this deadline.

Hope this finds all of you healthy and safe!   Know you are missed!

Love you all


19 thoughts on “Meet the HEARTFELT Designers -Flowering Foils DSP Challenge

    1. Sorry Karen! They were posted in the last blog. I sent an email so you could click on the links to see the cards. The internet has ben a bit crazy lately.
      There is a package for you. Do you want to pick up?


    1. Judy..have you on the list … hope you play along next time… let me know if you want a kit. Happy Day


    1. Your package is on the porch. I also added your gift form the last order. Hope you have fun with the variety. Stay healthy and safe.


  1. Thanks to all voted for my card! They all were beautiful! Thank you, Sandi, for the materials to make them! I miss our stamping time together………and absolutely want a catalog. Thanks.!


    1. Congratulations Diana…all the cards were beautiful…your prize is in the mail and so are the materials to make an ornate Garden card or two…be sure to show us your creation. Happy Day!


    1. Agreed! Congratulations Winner! You are on the list for a catalog and watch for your winning package…hope it’s something you can use. Happy Day!


  2. Congratulations to all the winners!! It was hard to pick as all the cards were so beautiful..I miss you all and stamping so much. I think I requested a catalog…if not than I want one..please. Are you going to send out any card kits in May Sandi?


    1. I agree,Sue was hard to pick only three. Yes you are on the list for a catalog and I am mailing out the Ornate Garden Card Kits tomorrow with your gift for your last order enclosed. What do you want to make for May? Just let me know. Happy to make kits . Happy Day!


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